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Recruitment and Orientation

One of the criteria that we give significantly importance to is creating innovations in recruitment processes in Polinas. Eight basic competencies derived from Yıldız Holding Leadership Model and that we want to have and develop in each group company are as follows:

  • To Predict the Future
  • Innovation
  • To Strenghten the Team
  • Matrix Leadership
  • To Encourage the High Performance
  • Result Orientation    
  • To Add Value
  • To Celebrate the Success

For the evaluation of suitability of newly graduated and experienced candidates, Competency Based Interview, General Ability and English Level Scanning Test and Professional Personality Inventory are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the position.   The names and contact information of the managers that worked together with the candidates whose recruitment process continues in a positive way in their professional business lives and that we can get opinion from are requested as reference. After the reference queries are completed, our proposal is submitted via e-mail and verbally to the candidate whose process is resulted positively and approved.

Our aim is to bring people whose educational level is high, who is open to innovation and change with high succeeding desire, sensitive to the environment and society, dynamic, honest and who takes quality working as basis with high performance and who will adopt and look after the values of Yıldız Holding and to locate them in a department in compliance with their qualifications considering their knowledge, skills and competencies in Polinas.

You can find detailed information regarding job opportunities and advertisements in Polinas on www.kariyer.net. We are inviting the candidates applying to our advertisements via phone calls in case they possess the qualifications that we are looking for after reviewing their resumes regularly.

Internal Recruitment (We Come First)

Vacant positions in Group Companies of Yıldız Holding are offered to our employees through internal announcements to create opportunity to transit to suitable positions. It's aimed to create synergy within Yıldız Holding and to offer career opportunities in positions and companies where the employees can use their potentials in most accurate way through this implementation offered to the employees with ''We Come First'' slogan.


Career Development Planning

Our career approach in Polinas is based on the partnership between the employee, manager and organization. In this sense, we expect from each employee to manage their personal career development and to fulfill their responsibility to improve the team.

We aim through Polinas Career Development Planning system to ensure that our employees are aware of their knowledge, skills, potential and talents, question their interest areas and define their own development points by themselves.

70/20/10 Learning Model

We are taking 70/20/10 approach in adult learning as a basis for Polinas Career Development Planning Process. We assume in this model that 70% of the learning and development applications will be acquired through the experiences gained on the job. Remaining 20% part includes different information channels like mentorship, coaching, observation. Other 10% part is based on the traditional learning methodology.

Career Development Model

Career development planning created by taking career development model as basis is designed as to ensure the evaluation of the development needs of our employees in the organization.

We are taking 5 factors into account while evaluating our employees for the job opportunities created in our organization.

  1. Continuous High Performance
    Consistent and continuous successful achievements required to be taken into account by the individual for the job opportunities at both professional and humanity levels.
  2. Functional Specialty
    Functional specialty develops in time by gaining experiences in same function, different fields and roles.
  3. Key Experiences
    Task modification, special projects, short-term assignments and other opportunities are the best way to create career development experiences and help the employees to develop their competencies by contributing to the depth of their experiences.
  4. Knowing the Job as a Whole
    It's important to have wide knowledge accumulation regarding the whole of the job along with gaining specialty in a functional field.
  5. Leadership Skills
    Achieving success throughout the organization is possible with strong leadership skills. Yıldız Holding has developed a leadership model defining the behavior and skills necessary to be successful.

Human Resource Planning

Human Resources Planning (HRP) is implemented to prepare our human resources and organization for the future in Polinas.

Learning and Development

We are providing various specialty programs, professional and personal development trainings, manager training and leadership development programs through which all employees can plan their personal developments and professional careers.

Our aim in all these processes is to ensure sustainability in learning and development, to offer innovative and various methods in learning and development, to train future's leaders from today; to retain and prepare current talents for the future through challenging programs, to offer specialty programs for business families, to establish and make functional the different learning and development methods and systems like E-learning, Mentorship, Coaching, Simulation.

Yıldız Academy

Yıldız Academy is a training and information exchange environment that will respond to professional and development needs in business life. Our employees can find development opportunity by accessing to the various trainings, exams, documents on this platform whenever they want.

All companies within Yıldız Holding can contact and share information with trainers and other participants by maintaining their socialization and development environment on this platform.